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tass hub FEATURES


Support request


  • Submit Software Support, Technical Support, Professional Services and Licensing requests
  • Book a TASS Stack Upgrade for ColdFusion & Java
  • See all of your requests (open and closed) in one place with a live status on how your ticket is progressing
  • Add additional information to tickets or comment back to agents
  • Identify TASS Administrators at your school and provide them with visibility over all requests submitted for your school (unless marked as private)
  • Mark requests that include sensitive information as private e.g. Payroll Details



  • Share requests with other staff at your school who are interested in the progress
  • Access the Forum directly from the Hub to chat with other schools about processes, software enhancement ideas and more.
  • Update your Contact Details 





  • Take a look at Professional Services training packages & API Licensing
  • Watch training videos 
  • Find answers in the new Resource Centre and FAQ section
  • Access the latest System Requirements and Technical Services notifications







  • Find out if a bug you reported has been sent to development, and whether it has made it into a software release
  • Review Release Notes for software versions in the field
  • Take a look at development roadmaps of what’s 'Coming Soon' to the TASS software






getting started

To access the TASS Customer Hub, follow the steps below.

1. Click here to create your new TASS Hub account.

2. You can create your account using 1 of 3 login methods:

a) Google
b) Microsoft
c) Sign up for an account (email only)

When using either option it is important that you use your School Email Address when creating your account, as this is what will link you to your school.

3. After you have created your account you will be sent a confirmation email.  Click the link within the email to complete your signup.

4. Log in and have a look around!

Some other things you might want to setup include:

  • Updating your ‘Name’ in the ‘Profile’ page if you have signed up using Option C above. To do this, click here. 
  • Connecting your account to the TASS Community Forum, by clicking on Office 365 or Google, next time you Sign In.


  • If you are the TASS Administrator at your school, to gain visibility over all support requests logged by staff (unless marked private), the school's Business Manager or Principal must complete this form.
  • The email address you’ve registered with will be the point of contact for any requests submitted through the Hub. You can update your Contact Details for Hub requests within the portal.

Download these steps as a PDF




Take the tour

Watch this video for a tour around the new Customer Hub.





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 If you have any questions about the functionality in the new TASS Customer Hub, the TASS Customer Care Team is here to help.


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